Mrs. Durso's Literacy Class

6th grade Literacy

During our daily two periods of class, we will focus on reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. As readers, we'll explore variety of awesome short stories, novels, poetry, and informational texts. As writers, we'll craft personal narratives, character analysis essays, compare and contrast themes across literary texts, research & write informational pieces, and compose poetry. In the midst of all that, we'll expand our use of language and sentence structure!

About me

This is my 13th year teaching middle school Literacy, 12 of which have been on Team 6A here at WDMS! Reading and writing have been two life-long passions of mine, and I'm excited to share them with you this year! Currently, I teach three sections of 6th grade Literacy, the first of which I co-teach with Mrs. Tiffani Bennett.

Contact me

You can email me at

I'm available for extra help during recess on Mondays-Thursdays.