Carolyne Porter

848-1200 ext 3085

Grade 8 Literacy

What to expect this year:

  • Reading some terrific literature. We have a great selection of genres to work with this year. There is no way you will not find something you like. Please approach each text with an open mind.

  • Reading some interesting non-fiction on a regular basis. Part of being a responsible citizen is being a responsible reader. Throughout the year we will read a variety of non-fiction pieces to determine its target audience and primary purpose.

  • Writing on a regular basis. You will receive a healthy balance of on demand writing and full process pieces during the year. For process pieces, we will provide ample class time to write, revise and edit your assignments. You will learn how to conference your work with your teachers and your classmates.

  • Extra help when you need it. Please make arrangements with me if you think you need extra guidance ☺!


Major assignments/tests are 45% of your marking period average.

Quizzes/short writing assignments are 35% of your marking period average.

Classwork/Homework assignments are 20% of your marking period average.