Girls Volleyball Recap

By Kendall Hunter January 10, 2023

Girls Volleyball Team

Our Wildcat volleyball girls finished off their season strong this year. They continued with another season full of many wins against Walnut Grove and a few against Hollencrest. Seventh grader, Jayla Pena said, "I loved meeting new people and making new and fun memories." Our girls volleyball team had a great effect on seventh-grade student Ximena Gomez. After watching games and playing the sport during P.E., she said, "I want to join the team next year for my eighth-grade year." An eighth grader from this season’s team said, “I will deeply miss playing with these girls. I feel like I’ve gotten to know so much about them in a short period. These last three years have been really fun.”

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Student Spotlight:

Arielle Hsiao

By Paz Toma January 12, 2023

Arielle Hsiao is an eighth grader, president of Science Olympiad, member of Speech and Debate, Honors student, and a friend to many. She has been chosen for the Student Spotlight.

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Outsiders Day 

By Estefania Zepeda January 11, 2024

The Outsiders is an influential novel about the struggles of social class and identity that many schools read. Edgewood is one of the schools that reads The Outsiders, and they even have a day dedicated to it for the eighth graders to celebrate. 

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Cozy Fall/Winter Recipes

By Annalee Lopez January 10, 2023

 What can make your cozy fall and winter even better? Some delicious pumpkin s’mores cookies, pumpkin spice cookies with cream cheese frosting, and warm honey milk.

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