About W.E.S. Pre-K

The Woodstock Elementary School Pre-K is an inclusive, play-based program serving families of young children ages 3-5 in Woodstock, Vermont and its surrounding communities. We are part of a network of quality programs in the Windsor Central Supervisory Union that serve families in Woodstock, Reading, Pomfret, Barnard, Bridgewater, Killington, Plymouth, and Pittsfield.

Our mission is to provide a warm and peaceful environment in which children's unique interests and learning styles, are scaffolded by teacher's facilitation of enriching play experiences that meet the needs of the whole child.

We value the richness of children's self-directed play and the ways this play leads to inquiry, exploration, and collaboration. Our work with children emphasizes community, equity and care for ourselves, others, and the environment around us.


At W.E.S. PreK we value the principles of community and include children in the development of agreements, traditions, and behavior norms such as fairness, collaboration, and kindness.


The practice of care for self and care for others is integrated into our daily routines at W.E.S. Pre-K. As a group we participate in daily mindfulness practices as well as developmentally appropriate lessons in mindfulness and yoga lead by visiting teachers each week. As children practice mindful awareness and care of their own bodies and feelings, they are able to give out care to others.


At W.E.S PreK we believe strongly in the benefit of children's engagement with the natural world. We practice care and stewardship of the environment around us, including our natural play spaces, gardens, and the forest where we spend time each week hiking, exploring, and discovering.