Ms. M. Velez

Name: Ms. Mary Vélez

Subject: Mathematics


Phone: (845) 298-5100

I teach one section of AP Statistics (6), one of AP BC Calculus (2) and three sections of Regents Algebra 2 (2, 5, 7). Algebra 2 is a college expectation and a course on the path towards an Advanced Regents Diploma. While teaching the state curriculum, I teach my students to become independent and critical thinkers. This is accomplished through a variety of means, including traditional lecture, Socratic seminars, open discourse, group work, presentations, reading, and writing assignments. AP Calculus and AP Statistics are presented with the expectation that students will sit for the exam in May. The expectations are in keeping with those of a college course.

In preparation for the SATs, I provide the links below for daily practice

SAT Word of the Day:

The Official SAT Question of the Day:

Text: You book is assigned to you, so you are responsible if you lose it. You will need to pay for a replacement text before I can permanently provide a new one to you.

Typical Day: We will review the previous night’s homework. Homework will be checked. After questions, we will complete the day’s lesson, including discussion about and examples of the topic. We may have time to start homework.

Homework: Homework will be assigned almost every night. It should be done in a homework notebook or on looseleaf. You should attempt EVERY PROBLEM! I suggest you budget about 30 minutes per night to reinforce the daily concepts. In honors or AP your should plan on an hour.

Attendance: You are expected to be in class on time (in your seat by the bell) every day. If you think you will be late be sure to get a pass. If you are absent, show me your excused absence pass from attendance when you return. If you have lessons clear it with me prior to class. MISSED WORK IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Find a reliable buddy in class with whom you can share notes. It is easy to fall behind so be sure to make up missed work promptly. Missed work turns into zeros if you do not make it up within three days. Work missed due to cutting will be counted as a zero. You will be written up for cutting class or habitual lateness.

Grading: You are graded on a point basis. The primary difference between a test and a quiz is the point value assigned. Also, a quiz may be unannounced. When homework is checked, it must be complete to my standards for credit. I encourage you to double-check my grading for accuracy—I want you to have every point you are due!

Cheating: Cheating is not tolerated! Submit your own work at all times. If I suspect cheating, I will warn all those involved. If I have proof of it, ALL INVOLVED will receive a zero on the assignment, a call home, and possibly a referral.

Contact with home: Don’t be surprised when I call or write home! I want your families to be involved. Please encourage your families to contact me through email or calls.