Wappingers Central Schools

Parent Resources for Digital Learning

We understand that parents may have questions or need help when working with their students. Therefore, we have put together a bunch of resources to help you help your child through online instruction.

The Side menu provides links to various tools and resources that you may find helpful. This includes:

  • How to Videos under the Parent Help Videos Link

  • The Parent Tech provides you with our contact information and a help form so that we can provide further assistance

  • Our school librarians have also put together additional activities and resources for each of their schools under their page.

  • The Wifi/Internet Information provides contact information regarding local service providers

All students have access to a Google Account that will give them access to the Google Classroom digital learning space and tools for them to access online instruction. The student's username and password configuration is below:

Student Log In

Password - StudentfirstnameIDNumber (the first letter is capitalized)

Para iniciar sesión, la información de inicio de sesión de su hijo es:

Contraseña - Nombre del estudiante IDNúmero (la primera letra de su nombre está en mayúscula)