5th Grade Orchestra: 2022 - 2023

Day 1:
Brinckerhoff Elementary

Day 3: Fishkill Plains Elementary

Day 5: Gayhead Elementary

6th Grade Orchestra: 2022 - 2023

Day 1 & 4: Brinckerhoff Elementary and Gayhead Elementary

Day 3 and 6: Fishkill Plains Elementary


My name is Ms. Triola and this is my 3rd year teaching in Wappingers, and my 5th year teaching public school in New York State.

I started playing viola through my school's orchestra program in 5th grade (just like our 5th graders!) and have been playing since. I started by playing just classical music, and then had my world rocked by my middle school teacher, who played a lot of Celtic music. Since then, I've had the privilege of studying klezmer, old time, bluegrass, jazz, classical Indian music, and much more. I look forward to sharing that knowledge with you on your own musical journey.

When I am not teaching in school, I play in a bluegrass band, and when I am not playing - I am flying! I practice aerial silks, aerial sling, and aerial hoop for fun.