Mrs. Vena

SC - Flex Math

Mission Statement

It is very important that my students come to school every day willing to

try their very best. I love to have a lot of fun and I hope you do, too!

Please understand that I take my job as a teacher very seriously and it is

important that my students take their job seriously, too! This year will be

a great success!!

My mission is to instill in the students an “I can do it” attitude and a

love for learning. They will learn that they can do anything they

set their minds too. Anything your mind can believe and conceive, it can

achieve. I will set high expectations for my students and expect them to

carry out my expectations to the best of their ability at all times.

My mission as a teacher is to help and encourage my students to have high

self-esteem and believe in themselves in whatever they do. I want my

students to leave my classroom with high self-esteem, self-confidence, and

the knowledge that I will always be there for them and willing to help them

in the future.

“True success only comes when you empower people, and then watch them

succeed. Every day, in every way, we need to send the message that all things are