Mrs. Catucci

Art / Photo Teacher

Yearbook Advisor

Subjects Taught:

Art/Photo Media: SIA Photo Media I, SIA Communication Systems, Basic Art


Phone: 897-6700 x50614

Daily Schedule:

Period 1 - SIA: Photo Media (Room 153)

Period 2 - Prep

Period 3 - Communication Systems (Room 174)

Period 4 -

Period 5 - SIA: Photo Media (Room 153)

Period 6 - SIA: Basic Art (Room 172)

Period 7 -

Period 8 - SIA: Photo Media (Room 153)

Homework Policy: All work must be handed in by the due date and before the end of the marking period. Late work will be penalized with 5 points off, per day late.

Photo Assignments: If you want to RESHOOT completely or swap out images, the initial images must be handed in on time. If you are replacing images, you MUST talk to me about it first so that you earn the maximum credit possible.

Assignments & Calendars: All assignments are posted on the individual class' Google Classroom. These sites are private to students in the class. Each student was "invited." If the student has the Google Classroom App installed on their phone, a notification is sent to them as soon as I post a due date or announcement.