Use literature to get your students excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by actively involving them in the design thinking process. Each of the titles below shares a story where something was built or invented by designing, planning, gathering materials, and creating. In addition to strengthening literacy skills, your students will develop inquiry and problem-solving skills. They will also see that with perseverance, anyone can be innovative and invent new things! Make a STEM connection to each book below by clicking on the title to get additional information.

Click on each book title to access the Google Drive folder with included task card.

How to Build a Hug Book Jacket Cover
New Titles Graphic
Ada's Violin Book Jacket Cover
Beauty and the Beak Book Jacket Cover
Claymates Book Jacket Cover
The Most Magnificent Thing Book Jacket Cover
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Book Jacket Cover
The Marvelous Thing That Can Came From a Spring Book Jacket Cover
Ticktock Banneker's Clock Book Jacket Cover
Twenty One Elephants Book Jacket Cover
One Plastic Bag Book Jacket Cover
Papa's Mechanical Fish Book Jacket Cover
Balloons Over Broadway Book Jacket Cover

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