Snap! @ RCMMS

A Schoolwide Approach to Integrate Computational Thinking and Coding by Using Common Language and Professional Learning.

Our Wake Forward Initiative for the 2021022 continues our drive towards successful Professional Learning. This year we are focusing specifically on promoting a common language of Computational Thinking through work with the Friday Institute and the Computer Science Department at NCSU and their Infusing Computing program. We will take coding and computational thinking (CT) beyond the walls of the media center or technology lab into every classroom in the building. Participants are learning practical and user-friendly strategies for implementing coding and CT across the curriculum in all subject areas.


  1. Students have their username (RCMMS___) on their agenda received in August. If they've forgotten it, student accounts are listed here for teacher access. First visit of the year, students should change their password to their lunch number, see this video.

  2. Always rename and save when working on a multi-day project. When you choose the project the second day from the menu, it will bring up a brand new template. Go to File --> Open in the top left corner to get the saved file. This is less confusing if the name has changed!

  3. Snap is slow or not loading, what to try:

1. Some files are big, and will take up to 30 seconds to load. Wait Patiently.

2. Close tabs, even get out of all meets

3. Use Chrome

4. Use an Incognito Window (not allowed on school Chromebooks, though)

5. Clear Cache

  • Close all open browsers.

  • Open a new session of Chrome.

  • Click CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE (shortcut to clear a browser's history/cache).

  • Close Chrome.

  • Open a new session of Chrome.

  • If none of this works, you can always share the file with the student via Google Drive. This is why it is important to name and put a copy of your most current file, (trash old ones) in the Shared folder under Snap Coding.

Contact ethrash @ Wcpss dot net for more info!