Salem Middle

Career Development Office

The Career Development Office

  • Provides career development services for all students

  • Implements Career activities/events and teaches career lessons to promote career exploration

  • Facilitates a network of parents, business professionals, college/university educators, and community organizations

  • Supports students’ transition to high school

My name is Julie Dixon. I have a special job at Salem Middle School with a blended role of School Counselor and Career Development Coordinator. I am working on the Track 4 Schedule, but I will support all students at SMS with their career readiness and understanding of the world of work.

I am excited to meet all of our students and engage them in development across the spectrum of their personal, social, academic, and career growth. At Salem Middle School, I will be coordinating with teachers to visit classrooms. Utilizing tools such as Major Clarity and NC Careers are excellent ways to have students process information about their personality and interests and compare it against research based data. I am always trying to connect their decisions to their future.

Contact me:

919-363-1870, ext. 21584

NC Career Clusters

There are 16 Career Clusters in NC. These are groups of occupations in the same field of work that require similar knowledge and skills. Each cluster contains several smaller groups called career pathways that connect to educational programs, industries, and careers. While a career cluster paints a broad picture of a group of occupations, a pathway helps you focus on and develop a clear, more informed educational plan over time. Click HERE to learn more about them.


School-to-Career (STC) is an initiative and a philosophy. It is a method of delivering curriculum to our students that links classroom knowledge to real life. Students learn better when information is made relevant, and STC ensures that relevancy occurs by linking schoolwork to workplace realities. School-to-Career links the world of school to the world of work by supporting school-based activities such as classroom speakers, mentors, soft-skills presentations, and real-world activities and by infusing these into the Common Core through collaboration between members of the business community and classroom teachers.

Business Alliance

Salem Middle School Business Alliance is a collaboration of business, community, and school leaders committed to educating each student to be a responsible and productive citizen who can effectively manage future challenges. Through the support, dedication and commitment of our volunteers, we are able to provide a variety of opportunities to our students that help them understand the skills needed to become successful in their future.

Interested in representing the Business Alliance?

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