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Musicianship is not a talent you are born with. It can be learned through practice.

You only have to practice on the days that you eat! 🤣

(Daniel Coyle, The Little Book of Talent)

Eric Grush, Director

My name is Eric Grush, and I am honored and grateful to be part of Band at the Bend!!

2022-23 will be my 28th year teaching band (which is amazing since I am still only 35 🤣) I have taught at RBMS for 3 years, which makes me the band director who has been at RBMS longest! Other places I have taught include:

  • Oberlin Middle (used to be Daniels)

  • Athens Drive High

  • Cary Academy Middle and High

  • Cary High

  • Washington Elementary

Eric Grush Teaching Portfolio Video Playlist