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Chorus Class Registration for 2024-2025

Registration for next year's PC courses is just around the corner!  Here are the PC Arts Course Guides for next year:

CAN I TAKE CHORUS for 2 Semesters?  YES!  Follow the information on the course guide.  

For incoming Freshman who want to sing all year (it's a great way to build strong friendships and find a niche your 1st year of high school!), sign up for either the Bass Clef Ensemble: 52312X0DF or Beginning Treble Choir: 52302X0DF and then also Treble Voices: 52325X0DS (Honors Credit!) or Chamber Choir (male voices only for 9th grade--- must schedule a brief audition): 52335X0DS

AUDITIONS for Chamber Choir (2nd semester, 10th-12th grade girls and 9th-12th grade guys) are Tuesday February 27th after school.  For late auditions, email Mr. Bensen at 

2024 Spring Chorus Trip:  

Smoky Mountains, TN!      Slideshow

Initial Interest Letter  (has payment dates, proposed itinerary)

Winter Chorus Concert: 

Tuesday December 19th.  7pm.  

$5 admission, with $20 family maximum.  $0.50 additional for tickets purchased with card/online or ePay (PayPal charge).  

After-school rehearsal for students: Monday Dec. 18th 2:30-4:15 (required)

Concert Program 

Fall Chorus Concert: 

Tuesday October 24th at 7pm in the PCHS Auditorium.  Tickets are $5 cash at the door, but can also be paid via electronic payment with a $0.50 service cost per ticket.  Without a card, electronic payment, check or cash, we can take concert admission under the Payments page by using Paypal.  Simply complete that online and show to the ticket sales to get physical tickets for entrance.   The concert program is on a QR code at the back of the auditorium.  Don't have a QR reader?  No problem!  Here it is: Concert Program.  

FALL Fundraising Campaign:  Now Live at GiveButter  (click to see/donate)

Each year we conduct a program-wide fundraiser to acquire funds for the many activities and needs of our choral students.  We have moved away from product sales to doing just 1 donation-based drive to collect money from sponsors in our community and through extended families.  Unlike many other donation campaigns, we do NOT require students to collect email addresses and the hosting platform takes an extremely small 3% profit from our revenue (as opposed to near 20% from other platforms).  

This drive will begin on Oct. 5th and run the month of October.  Students will each create their own GiveButter webpage that introduces our program and our goals for the fundraiser.  Details about this will be made live closer to Oct. 1st.  No student will be penalized for not participating, nor are grades tied to this campaign.  It is an optional drive, but we hope all students will try to help spread the word about this campaign.  

Because profit raised will go to support the operating budget of the program (handled by the PCHS Choral Boosters), students don't recieve an individual monetary benefit from the drive (and if they did, IRS law would require them to pay taxes!).  Thus, to help encourage them to engage well with this activity, we are hoping our choral families would not just spread the word about our campaign but also help us to find incentives that we can provide for students who participate.  Last year, parents checked with some local businesses who willingly donated a number of gift cards/gift certificates to our program.  These donations are tax-deductible contributions to our program (our tax EIN # is 13-4342763 and we can issue receipts for such donations).  

Please see the following link to help us collect local incentives that would be of interest to our students: 

Additionally, the following form can be used to give to businesses in securing advertising or documenting donations:  Patron Ad/Donation Support Form

Panther Creek Chorus: 2023-2024


Chorus classes are held in room 1330, located near the auditorium and cafeteria. 

Starting the year:


Year End FINALE Chorus Concert:

Thursday June 1st at 7pm.  $5 at the door, payable by cash/check/card/mobile pay (Apple, Google), with $20 family maximum (note-- online/card payments incur a $0.50 charge for each ticket due to fees we are charged).  

Options for payment:

Concert Program

Enjoy the show!

Chorus Banquet: Friday June 2nd at 6:30pm 

Details are forthcoming, but include the following: 

We'll have a pot-luck meal with signups for entrees, sides, appetizers and desserts. We will enjoy a couple of student performances during dinner, and again during the following awards session that will follow after dinner in the auditorium.  Student recognition, awards, a year-in-review slide show and presentation of the annual Choral Booster scholarship will ensue. Students should dress nicely and be ready to leave around 8:30pm.  A sign up genius will provided here to reserve your free spots (come with food around 6pm; we'll start dinner at 6:30pm): 

Spring Concert:  CONCERT PROGRAM

Tuesday, March 28th at 7pm in the PC Auditorium!  Tickets can NOW BE PURCHASED ON OUR WEBSITE!  Please show your Paypal purchase info to the ticket seller at the front table to secure actual tickets for the show, and then give the tickets to the ushers at the auditorium entrance door.  Go to our Payments page to purchase!  

Chorus Class Registration for 2023-2024:

Please check out this presentation on available chorus classes for next year.  

Auditions are for students seeking Chamber Choir (or a more advanced class than Beginning level, who haven't already taken that course). Auditions will be March 15th and/or 16th after school.  


Registration Info:  


Bass Clef Ensemble (sem 1):

Beginning Treble Choir (sem 1):  

Aria Choir (sem 1): 

Treble Voices (sem 2): 

Chamber Choir (sem 2): 

Students in Treble Voices and Chamber Choir should also take one of the 1st semester classes as well. 

For students doing the Eastern Regional Select Choir, please use this website to practice your music!  

Eastern Regional Choir

Important 2nd semester dates:

NYC: Payment #3 & 4:  Payment 3 was due Feb. 2nd in the amount of $250.  The final payment is $350 (for a grand total of $1100).   See the PAYMENTS tab to make these payment.  This total includes fundraising subsidies from our Fall GiveButter campaign) as well as some reallocations from our operating budget.    

Winter Chorus Concert:  Tuesday December 20th at 7pm.  Come hear the many sounds of the season at our Winter Chorus Concert!  There will be laughs, sweet music, and a memorable concert closer!  Tickets are $5 at the door ($20 family maximum).  Cash is encouraged, but card payment is an option. 

NYC Update:  Our 2nd trip payment was due on Dec. 1st and is now past due.  A letter was sent home with some approximate trip details that are current as of 12/1/22.  Additionally, a medical permission form was also sent home and needs to be returned asap.  A copy of the letter/itinerary is here: NYC ITINERARY VERSION 2

Fall Chorus Fundraising Campaign:  

UPDATE: This was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!  Many thanks to the HUNDREDS that supported us.  We raised over $9000 and have met our budget needs for this year!  NO MORE FUNDRAISING THIS YEAR!!!!  :) 


During the month of November, all chorus students are being encouraged to participate in our only fundraising drive this year, which will be a donation drive through a platform known as Givebutter.  Our goal is for students to collect at least $100 in donations (each) to fully fund our needed expenses. We are doing this through the use of a Calendar Sponsorship page, where each student will be requesting a sponsor for each day of the month. The sponsor will pay the amount of the given date-- thus if they sponsor the 4th of November, the donation will be $4 in honor of the student; on the 30th, the donation will be $30, and so on. A student with a complete calendar raises $465 in support! Keep in mind, due to tax laws and non-profit policy, all money raised supports the entirety of the choral program, not just individual students.

Students will participate in “teams” that will compete for incentives/rewards for participation. Winning teams will receive tangible prizes, such as catered lunch, gift cards, etc. Fundraising keeps our FairShare as low as possible, and by doing a donation drive, no product sales are necessary. Help us to make this a very effective campaign so no further fundraising is necessary this year!

Fall Chorus Concert:

The Fall Chorus Concert is Thursday Oct. 27th at 7pm in the PCHS auditorium.  Students should arrive dressed for the concert around 6pm (6pm for pd. 2&4, 6:15pm for pd. 3).  Doors will open after 6:30 for audience members.  Tickets are $5 at the door with a $20 family maximum.  Cash/check/card/paypal are all accepted.  The concert will last a little over an hour and will be enjoyable for all ages!  Music will be from various periods in history, representing a variety of cultures and languages, as well as some more contemporary music from Disney and other popular sources.  PLEASE COME!  

Concert night:  Here's a copy of the Fall Chorus Concert Program

PC Chorus, Dance and Theater Spring Trip to NYC:  April 20-23, 2023

A letter was sent home on Oct. 4th with preliminary information including expected costs, a list of activities, transportation specifics, hotel info, etc.  Here's a copy: NYC Initial Info Letter/Commitment Request

Commitments wanted ASAP, but certainly by Oct. 18th.  Payments can be made on our website-- simply navigate to the Payments page!

Welcome back to school!  This website hosts information for parents, our school, and the local community.  Check here for details about current events and general information.  Students should engage through Canvas as their main academic portal where assignments and important class announcements are posted.  Finally, Talking Points parent messages will be sent infrequently with important reminders.  Always feel free to contact Mr. Bensen for questions at 

Back to school "assignments":  

1) Please read the Choral Handbook in entirety. 

2) Fill out the following Online Chorus Family Info Form

3) Plan to attend the Thursday Sept. 1 Chorus Parent Meeting @7pm in the chorus room:  Parent Meeting Agenda

2022-2023 Call for parent helpers:  We are in need of a handful of new choral booster volunteers!  We specifically need those that can help with outfitting/attire management, travel planning, fundraising, and especially financial recording/treasurer responsibilities.  PLEASE contact me ASAP to get involved!!! 


The annual Chorus Banquet is Friday June 3rd at 6:30pm.  Families should bring their own meals, though the choral boosters will provide dessert.  We will enjoy a couple of student performances during dinner, and again during the following awards session that will follow after dinner in the auditorium.  Student recognition, awards, a year-in-review slide show and presentation of the annual Choral Booster scholarship will ensue. Students should dress nicely and be ready to leave around 8:15pm.  A sign up genius is provided here to reserve your free spots: 

Finale Chorus Concert:  Thursday June 2nd at 7pm.  The CONCERT PROGRAM (link) features a wild ride of musical diversity!  ALUMNI are needed to perform with us on Write Your Blessed Name.  Click here for SHEET MUSIC .  Additionally, here's a video from our 2018 Finale Concert: Write Your Blessed Name 

Newsies Field Trip: On Friday March 13th, the Treble Voices will go to support one of their own in Raleigh Children's Theater's production of Newsies at Peace College.  We'll leave 1st period at 8:15am, see the show at 9am, and head to a buffet lunch at Dave & Busters around 10:45 (during regular lunch time).  Students will also get a $20 gaming card to use when we finish eating.  We'll return to PC during our regular 3rd pd. class.  This event will cost each student $25, which mainly covers the lunch portion (additional expenses are being paid by the Choral Boosters).  Payments can be made by cash or check in the amount of $25 to PC Choral Boosters, or by paying online here under the "Payments" tab.     

Spring Chorus Concert: Thursday March 24th at 7:30pm.  Tickets are $5 at the door (no presale tickets); Both cash and cards are accepted.  Here is program for this concert:  '22 Spring Concert Program

Carowinds Chorus Trip:  April 22.  Please see the letter I sent home regarding this trip: Carowinds Info Letter  Though payment isn't due until April 5th, we need the commitment slips ASAP (bottom of the letter) 

Chorus for 2022-2023: 

REGISTRATION CODES:  (NOTE: These seem to be different on this year's registration process on PowerSchool)  

Welcome to the 2nd semester!!  Dates of importance:

Winter Chorus Concert:  Program for 12/16/21 

Talking Points Message sent 12/6: Hello! Reminders: The Winter Concert is next Thurs. Dec. 16th at 7pm. Students should report dressed @ 6pm. Tickets are $5 at the door (cash/check/card). The mandatory after-school rehearsal is Wed. Dec. 15 from 2:30-4:30pm. For Mixed Chorus, I'll be sending home shirts/belts/ties, but everyone needs black pants/dress slacks or an ankle-length skirt plus black closed-toe dress shoes (not sneakers). Amazon has many options for these items, even under $20. For those with financial constraints, please contact me ASAP so we can work out a benevolence option (which does exist!). See you soon! 

Talking Points Message to Pd. 2 Mixed Chorus Parents: On Monday Nov. 15 during class, students will be sized for concerts outfits for our Dec. 16 concert. The ladies wear white tunic tops & guys wear white dress shirts with provided ties. The tops are loaned from the choral program and need to be returned cleaned several days after the concert. Guys don't need to use our white dress shirts if they have their own, but the cost is included in the FairShare fee. Wearing a t-shirt on Mon. may be helpful for sizing. Students will need to provide their own long black dress pants or skirts (down to ankle; NOT leggings/yoga pants). 

Dresses/Tuxedos for Pd. 3 & 4.  Here is a copy of the letter sent home regarding new dresses and tuxedos for Treble Voices and Chamber Choir.

10/29/21:  Online payments are NOW WORKING! 

Winter Concert: Mark your calendars!  December 16th at 7pm.  Admission $5.  An after-school rehearsal (Mandatory) is Wed. Dec. 15 from 2:30-4:30 pm.

Fall Chorus "Informance"--- 7pm at Panther Creek HS on Tues. Oct. 5th.  Here is a direct link to the program for the event:  Concert Guide

Pd. 2 Mixed Chorus SOCIAL COOKOUT:

Parents:  The "Payments" tab has been updated-- hopefully with a better interface that makes it easier to use both desktop and mobile payments!   

An exciting opportunity for chorus students!  There is a new auditioned youth choir (the NC Master Chorale Youth Choir) here in the Triangle directed by the NC State University's Head of Music!  Auditions are coming up fast.  For information, please visit the following link: 


Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!  YES, we are back to an in-person typical year in chorus!  That means group singing everyday, regular performances, social events and even field trips!  Of course, stay tuned to local WCPSS and CDC updates as we navigate through this return to normalcy.  

First day information/"to do":

1) PARENTS & STUDENTS:  Please read the following condensed Chorus Handbook which has important information regarding procedures for chorus during 2021-2022.  After reading, please have parents fill out the following short online form which requests important information from every PC Chorus family:  PC Chorus Family Info and Handbook Verification Form

2) Students should also join their respective Google Classroom LMS and Remind communication, as follows: 

Pd. 2 Mixed Chorus

Pd. 3 Treble Voices

Pd. 4   Chamber Choir

Please fill out the PC Chorus Family Info and Handbook Verification Form by Thursday, August 26th.  

Please see the Payments page to pay the annual FairShare activity fee. Remember, details about this are discussed in the Choral Handbook including options for benevolence.  

2020-2021 PAST NEWS:

Course registration is now open for the 2021-22 academic year. Check out the Auditions 2021-22 page for Treble Choir and Chamber Choir auditions requirements. Mixed Choir is open to all students - no audition required!

Considering joining chorus? Watch the video below to find out more about our choirs and what to expect from our program!