Canvas for Parents at Mount Vernon

To stay informed about your child's activities in Canvas, you can create a parent observer account. It's best to use a computer instead of a mobile device for this process. Follow these steps to link your account to your child's, and you can use this observer account to keep track of your child's progress throughout their time at WCPSS.

Video con subtitulos en español

Step 1

Please ask your student to log in to their Canvas account from their WakeID portal. Next, have them click "Account" and "Settings."

Step 2

Your child should then click on "Pair with Observer"

Step 3

This will generate a one time use code that will expire in 7 days. If you do not get to use the first one generated, feel free to have your student generate a new code. Be sure you click "OK" to complete this step and fully activate the code. 

Step 4

Follow this link in your web browser in a new window or tab.  Click on "Click Here For an Account."

Step 5

Enter your signup details and you will be ready to go!