Academically & intelectually gifted program

program overview

AIG students are diverse, especially middle school AIG students, so the services provided must align with their unique needs as well. Gifted students are served primarily through differentiated lessons and activities provided by their core teachers, the content specialists, in the regular education setting. The AIG teacher works closely with these core teachers to help plan differentiated activities. Gifted students may be pulled out from classes on occasion for specialized instruction and/or the AIG Teacher may join the core teacher in the classroom for co-teaching opportunities. Gifted students will also work directly with the AIG Teacher during K9, our enrichment/ remediation period.

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social and emotional needs of the gifted

Middle school is a time of tremendous change in the lives of adolescents and gifted students are no exception. Coupled with typical adolescent changes, gifted students also face additional pressures of perfectionism, living up to family and societal expectations, as well as fitting in with their age peers and academic peers. Given the changes these young people are navigating, gifted services in middle school oftentimes center on relationship building, critical thinking and problem-solving to establish trust and rapport upon which academic rigor can be built. Parents are encouraged to help their child set realistic expectations and support them as they work to achieve these goals.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have regarding your child's education. My job is to support and advocate for our gifted population, inspiring them to grow into the bright leaders of tomorrow.

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