Student Services

The Farmington Woods Student Services team includes the school counselors, psychologist, social worker, and nurse. We are so cool that we are located in the Antartica continent of our school building. Ms. Naftel and Ms. Sinclair are at FWES full time, while the other student services members are half time at FWES. To email us, use prefix listed below followed by in the email address.

Sarah Naftel, M.Ed.

School Counselor

Grades:  1, 3, 5

email: snaftel

Beth Lilliston, BSN, RN

School Nurse

email: elilliston

Selden Cochrane, MS, M.Ed, LCMHCA  

School Counselor

Grades:  K, 2, 4

email: scochrane

Sara Levine

School Social Worker

email: slevine3

Vision Statement: Farmington Woods IB/PYP Magnet Elementary School counselors will embrace diversity, advocate for all students, and promote social and emotional wellbeing through an engaging and experiential comprehensive school counseling program.

 Mission Statement: The mission of the Farmington Woods IB/PYP magnet elementary school counseling department is to promote academic, career, and social emotional development without barriers for all students. In partnership with parents, teachers, community stakeholders and administrators we inspire all students to be self directed, internationally minded, life-long learners.

What do we do?

We love to talk about animals and drink coffee, but read more about what we do below:

School Counselors

The School Counseling department at Farmington Woods Elementary school is designed to support the academic, social and emotional needs of all of our students. A well-balanced counseling program seeks to enhance and support student growth in all areas of development. Your school counselors work collaboratively with teachers, parents, school staff and students to provide meaningful support and feedback about how best to address concerns, celebrate achievements and elicit positive change when necessary. Through classroom guidance, small group, whole school and individual interventions we seek to encourage positive study habits, social interactions and emotional well-being.  

School Social Workers

School Social Workers are trained and licensed professionals that provide a link between the home, school and community through support services that positively impact the development of the whole child. School Social Workers engage the school, family, teachers and/or community in a problem-solving process to promote positive change and eliminate barriers to learning. School Social Workers receive referrals from the community, parents, school staff and students when students display poor attendance, failing grades, effects of family crisis and/or emotional and behavioral concerns. 

School Social Workers can support parents by helping parents understand their child’s developmental and educational needs; providing access to school and community resources; helping navigate special education services; obtaining mental health services; and providing services for homeless families and students placed in foster care. School Social Workers are in all elementary and middle schools, alternative settings and some high schools. 

Info taken from WCPSS Counseling and Student Services website. 

School Psychologists

School psychologists are specially trained and licensed to provide a wide variety of services that help students succeed academically, socially and emotionally. In collaboration with educators, parents/guardians and other mental health professionals, school psychologists strive not only to create safe, healthy and supportive learning environments for all students, but also to strengthen connections between home and school. Utilizing leadership, advocacy and collaboration, school psychologists promote overall academic success by providing services that enhance the student, school, home and community partnerships and alleviate barriers to learning. In WCPSS, most school psychologists serve two schools. 

Info taken from WCPSS Counseling and Student Services website. 

School Nurses

The School Health Program supports Wake County Public School System through case management, health education and consultation in order to remove health related barriers to learning. School Nurses promote health, safety and educational success, of the school age child in Wake County by serving students, families and school staff through partnerships, evidence based practice and professional standards of care.

Info taken from Wake County Human Services School Health Website.