How To Get Started

Step One:

Build Your Framework

You can use Google Sites to create and organize your pages. Watch the tutorial to learn how to create and label your pages.

About Me Template

Step Two:

Add Your "About Me" page

This is the first impression your potential college or employer will see. Use your digital citizenship tools to create your autobiography page here.

How will you show what you know? Use this guide to determine what type of post works best for your artifact reflection.


Step Four: Add Your Artifact

After you have decided on your type of post, you can add your artifact.

Watch the video to see how you load elements in to your Google webpage.

WMS Portfolio Reflection Graphic Organizer

It's important to include your summary of learning with your artifact. These directions will guide you through creating your own reflections.


Step Six: Publish

It's time to show the World Wide Web your accomplishments!

Why Digital Portfolios?

Read All About Them Here.