Digital Portfolio How-To

1. Create a portfolio shell

  • A website (Weebly, Wix, Google Sites)
    • We recommend Google Sites - here's a sheet to get you started
    • Use a personal email rather than school if you are a senior
    • Pick a theme that you like so that the design is ready-made

2. Add Content to your portfolio.

  • Biography - help writing it (this link will have you make a copy so you can edit it for yourself)
  • Pictures of you and things you love
  • Artifacts and reflections
    • High quality examples of work especially related to what you want to study
    • Different types of artifacts (files, pictures, videos, embedded documents, links, etc.)
    • If you are using Google Sites, be sure you have the appropriate share settings on each document, video, etc. See this video for help!
    • Written or recorded reflections about each artifact

3. Make it look good and keep it organized.

  • Organizational Tips
    • Create a folder (Digital Locker) in Google Drive for all your artifacts
    • About Me page (or section on home page) with short Bio and pics that tell someone quickly who you are
    • Create pages for things that are important to you
      • current classes
      • volunteer jobs
      • hobbies
      • sports
      • digital resume (that doesn't include personal contact information)
    • Arrange your pages into categories by creating sub-pages
    • Add links to your social media accounts IF they are appropriate for college/employers to see

4. Make sure you registered your portfolio.