Conn's School Library

The mission of the

Conn Media Program is to create a foundation for information literacy and a love for reading and lifelong learning. 

Book checkout Tracker!

We are tracking how many books are being checked out in the library! So far, since the beginning of school, ____books have been checked out! Let’s keep that going!

Mark your calendars for Conn's 2023 Book Character Parade!

October Reading Challenge

Join our October Reading Challenge and embark on a literary adventure this autumn! Students are encouraged to read for 20 minutes every day throughout the month, immersing themselves in captivating stories and knowledge. Participants fill in a delightful pumpkin for each day they meet the reading goal to track their progress. Let's turn over a new leaf in reading habits and cultivate a love for books in the cozy embrace of October. Happy reading! 🍂📚🎃Click HERE to print some reading challenge sheets 


Fall Fun: This OR That

Have fun answering these fun fall this or that questions! 

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