About Me

Christopher Zirkle

I have been serving in the Wake County Public School System since 2003. I was a Language Arts teacher for ten years, an In School Suspension Coordinator for two and a half years, and an Instructional Technology Facilitator for two and a half years. I have been on the front lines and know how challenging it is to be a classroom teacher. I love supporting teachers and staff members with technology integration and curriculum enhancement. I believe that technology can enrich curriculum, engage students, and streamline teachers' pedagogy.

I am happy to support you or your staff and MTAC committee. We have a catalog of services that we provide schools and I am eager to provide you and your staff with these specific services. I am currently serving southern area schools. This does not mean I can not provide you support if you are not in the southern area. I am happy to support any school in the district; however, I am targeting the schools in the southern area. I enjoy working with a faculty, PLT, or in a one-to-one setting. Feel free to contact me so we can collaborate together.

I have been happily married for over twenty-five years to Shari Zirkle. We have a twelve year old son and two chihuahua-dachshunds. I enjoy surfing, tennis, golf, photography, videography, web development, and playing euro board games.

Digital Portfolio

Everyone has their own unique and individualized artifacts and purposes for their digital portfolio. For example, compare a fourth graders digital portfolio to a twelfth graders portfolio. They will each have different artifacts and purposes. My portfolio serves two purposes. It houses artifacts for each of the four digital learning competencies and it functions as a sample for teachers to refer to as the develop their own professional portfolio.

Technology Credits

There are several paths teachers can take to earn the required 2.0 technology credits needed to renew a teaching license. For example, teachers and administrators can earn technology credits by attending Convergence Remix sessions, completing Kyte Learning courses, and completing NC DPI modules. The state of North Carolina has Digital Learnig Competencies for teachers and for administrator. NC DPI has created modules for teachers to complete and are currently developing courses for administrators.