WCL Alumni Communities Toolkit

Mission of WCL Alumni Communities

  • Provide meaningful and sustainable alumni engagement opportunities and support key AUWCL priorities.

  • Play a vital role in establishing and maintaining active connections between alumni and AUWCL, including diverse communities and key individuals for donor prospect identification and discovery.

  • Create opportunities for prospective and current students to connect with alumni in their region or interest.

  • Collaborate with university staff and faculty to increase visibility of WCL’s scholarship and enhance awareness of campaign priorities.

Starting/Registering Your Community

Looking to start or register an alumni community at WCL? Here is how to do it!

  1. Determine the purpose of your alumni community. Why does/should it exist? What benefits does it provide to WCL Alumni?

  2. Understand the WCL Alumni Communities program. Read more here: How Communities Work / Communities Overview

  3. Gather a group of 4 additional WCL alumni to be founding members.

  4. Submit registration form to WCL Alumni Relations here: Start / Register a WCL Alumni Community Form

  5. Once the registration form is submitted, WCL Alumni Relations will reach out for a strategy call.

  6. Complete the volunteer leadership agreement: Volunteer Duties & Confidentiality Agreement

  7. Create a charter/bylaws. Sample here: Community Charter Template

  8. Submit an annual plan of programming: Annual Plan Template; Submit Annual Plan

  9. Recruit members. WCL Alumni Relations can assist!

  10. Hold first event! Celebrate!