Instructional Technology

Our Mission

The West Chester Area School District is committed to educating and inspiring students to achieve their personal best. In today's digital world, the Instructional Technology Coordinators aim to bring best instructional practices with appropriate and meaningful technology integration to transform teaching and learning.

online learning Planning Templates

  • Planning templates are provided to develop consistency in family communication of learning tasks and instruction.

  • Take a look at the K-2 and 3-5 tip to communicate your daily plan clearly and easily for students and families!

Day-by-Day View via Google Slides

Week-at-a-Glance View via Google Docs

K-2 Tip for Uploading Plans to Seesaw

Planning Template to Seesaw.webm

3-5 Tip for Embedding Plans on Schoology

Schoology: Embed Slides.webm

If you opt to use the Google Docs template, please be sure that your sections break cleanly between pages to lessen confusion for your students.

  • It is recommended to send as a Google Doc so that if you need to make a small adjustment, families will always have the updated version.

  • You can choose "File-->Download As" and choose "PDF" to save and send to families as a PDF if you wish.

Schoology Playgrounds

Schoology Playgrounds are designed to support teacher collaboration of resources, family communication, and materials developed for online learning. Join you playground and start participating in the collaboration!

Get the help you need Contact HelpDesk for hardware issues Contact One2One for online learning support Contact our Schoology Support for login access and Schoology issues