Sojourner Truth

To learn about Sojourner Truth, below are online resources that may be of use, as well as her memoir, The Narrative of Sojourner Truth (as dictated by Sojourner Truth):

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ABC-Clio Social Studies Databases: This will give some overview information on Sojourner Truth. Use the filters, so that you can limit it to articles and speeches (so you aren't just getting images).
Classroom Videos On Demand: Videos searchable by subject or producers (BBC, TED, HBO, etc.) For subject index:
Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL): An ebook collection- this link will take you to all Sojourner Truth results (you can also search for more specific terms).
EBSCO: Use Ebsco Host Web (it's the top option when you log in), and be sure to select "Full text articles" when you do your search. This searches thousands of articles for information.
Infobase: Ebooks and information on African-American History, American History, Civil War, Reconstruction, and more, searchable by content area.
Salem Press Database: Comprehensive database of articles, essays, and information on a multitude of topics. Also searchable by decade, and by current event topics.
JSTOR - Database of Academic Journals: A collection of journals and ebooks on a variety of topics. Probably the best for more "obscure" topics.

Some pre-curated articles:

On Communal Living:

Sojourner Truth Communal Living.pdf is an excellent article (From: Sojourner Truth, Series: American Women Suffragists By: Diana Star Helmer)There are several other articles and entries as well. Video clip about how Isabella spent 17 years in New York City, learning about Christianity and listening to passages from the Bible. She decided to spread the word of Jesus and set out to preach under a new name Sojourner Truth.