Wayland Middle School Chromebooks

WMS Chromebook Registration

As a family, please watch the WMS Family Chromebook Orientation video to learn about the device and expectations for use. Then, fill out the Agreement form before school starts.

2022-2023 School Year: Due to savings realized from deploying a quality device and by repairing them in-house, WMS will not charge a Chromebook maintenance fee this year. We will reassess the need for a fee next year.

1) Chromebook Care and Use agreement - Read and "sign" this agreement

You and the student will go over this information together and then fill out the google form in place of your signature. You will receive a confirmation email when completed.

2) Chromebook Case -

2022-2023 School Year: Cases will be provided to incoming 6th grade students.

Each student must transport their Chromebook in a durable case (neoprene sleeves are not acceptable) and not rely just on their backpack to protect the device.

3) Family Chromebook Contract - Make a copy and complete together

Each family should complete a Chromebook contract together to establish the expectations for use in the home and healthy digital habits. This does not need to be turned in to school. It is recommended to hang this contract in a communal location.

Vision for Use of Technology in Wayland Public Schools:

The Wayland Public Schools Community will use technology to develop skills for lifelong learning. We are committed to the meaningful and responsible integration of technology as a tool to support, enrich, extend, and personalize student learning. Through integrated learning experiences, students will develop the technology literacy needed to succeed in school and to thrive in a globally competitive world. Technology will play a vital role in teaching and learning that will promote critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

❓If you have any registration questions, contact Bethann_Monahan@waylandps.org

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