Curriculum Information

First Grade Curriculum


We will be working hard in first grade developing our reading and writing skills!

You can find the Wayland grade 1 English Language Arts curriculum here.


Units of Study include:

  • Monitoring for Meaning
  • Retelling/Summarizing
  • Determining Importance/Asking Questions
  • Making Inferences
  • Making Connections

Additionally, we will be working with a program called Fundations. Fundations teaches phonics rules, decoding skills, sight word strategies, and improves fluency. For more information on Fundations, click here.


Units of Study include: ​

  • Personal Narrative (Small Moment Stories)
  • Narrative
  • Informative/Explanatory
  • Opinion
  • Poetry


Units of Study include:

  • Counting and Graphing
  • Introduction and Strategies for Addition and Subtraction
  • Linear Measurement and Data
  • Advanced Addition and Subtraction
  • Place Value
  • Time and Money
  • Geometry

​For more information on Wayland's math curriculum, click here.

Social Studies:

Units of Study include:

  • All About Me
  • United States Symbols
  • Folktales
  • Family Traditions

​In addition to the above units, we will also partake in Open Circle as part of our social studies curriculum. Open Circle promotes social and emotional learning. We will meet twice a week to discuss topics such as: listening, remaining calm, cooperating, expressing anger appropriately, problem solving, overcoming obstacles, setting positive goals, and more. For more information on Open Circle, click here.


Units of Study Include:

  • Plants and Animals
  • Light and Sound
  • Air and Weather