Claypit Hill Community Bookstop

What is a Community Bookstop?

Grace Lin's Blog about Wayland's Community Bookstops

In this blogpost, Grace Lin, inspiration for our Community Bookstops, celebrates the grand openings of Wayland's three Community Bookstops. Listen to this NEPR podcast where Grace explains that It is a school's job to acknowledge race.

The Bookstop Mission

The Elementary Schools have created a Community Bookstop, a specialized lending library, in the front of each school building. The purpose is to foster conversations about diversity amongst our children and community. We know discussions on these topics can be difficult. Yet, studies show that the earlier we discuss our human differences with kids, the better equipped they are to talk about and appreciate these differences and address life’s inequities. We also recognize that these conversations do not always happen organically and would like to provide facilitation for such discussions.

Our Bookstops are a place where parents and students can borrow books to read together. In each book you will find a QR code that links to conversation suggestions and a google doc where you can record your thoughts and ideas to help future readers. To support your conversations, click on the catalogue tab on the menu bar above. Together we will make our elementary schools even stronger learning communities.

This project was made possible with funding by the Wayland Public Schools Foundation.