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Your Guide to Virtual Learning

(Return to School Plan Phase 1)


We continue to move through this historic pandemic as safely as possible and in the best interest of our students, families and staff. On Tuesday, September 8, 2020, we begin our school year with Virtual Learning. Then, depending on health metrics, we will move to Distance learning and families who selected to send their children to school for two days per week will do so. Finally, In-Person learning will be available for families who have selected to send their children for five days per week (Elementary students) and four days per week (Secondary students). As we move to these phases, we will add more information about them on our website!

Phase 1: Virtual Learning (Begins Tuesday, September 8, 2020)

No matter where we are (learning from home or back in the classroom), we continue to focus on the goals of our Strategic Plan so that every learner has equitable access to high quality instruction. Virtual instruction is guided by our Equity Non Negotiables. Each of our learning communities is centered on learner-driven, evidenced informed practice that embeds the Deeper Learning Competencies across all subject areas. Students are empowered to live life on their own terms by developing skills in content mastery, problem solving, communication, collaboration, becoming self-directed, and developing an academic mindset.

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Custodial parents/guardians listed as the primary family on Skyward will receive their Schoology login credentials via email.

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Overall Goals

  • Provide meaningful and equitable learning experiences for all students.

  • Monitor progress towards the deeper learning competencies.

  • Cultivate a sense of belonging, of being connected, and well-being.

  • Create simple and predictable schedules for families and learners that include opportunities to access new learning and participate in the courses when school is not in session.

  • Provide support to students, staff, and families with access to technology, food program, home support, and accommodations as needed.

  • Provide access to mental health care for students and staff.

What if my Child Needs Extra Help?

  • Each child will have a teacher or counselor who checks in with them individually or in a small group each week.

  • Many teachers will also offer office hours where students can join them though an online meeting link to ask questions or discuss assignments.

  • Counselors, School Social Workers, School Psychologists, and our administrators would be happy to schedule a time to discuss a plan of support for your child at anytime.

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Return to School Guiding Principles

Our Return to School plan is based on an established set of principles that involve Safety & Well Being, Learning that Works for All, Responsiveness & Flexibility, and Practicality of Implementation.

Return to School Framework

On Monday, July 27, 2020 the West Allis-West Milwaukee School District’s Board of Education approved a framework that paves the way for students to return to school as the country faces a historic pandemic HERE. To learn more, you can review the presentation shared with our Board of Education HERE.

Return to School Planning Communications

Subject to Change

The one thing we know about this challenging and historic time, is that information changes as we learn more about COVID-19. We are working closely with the City of West Allis Health Department and we monitor updates from the State of Wisconsin Health Department and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

As we move through this school year, information and procedures are subject to change. As email is our primary course of communication, please be sure you have an accurate email address on file at your child's school. (Contact the school Main Office with any questions or concerns.)

Throughout this pandemic, we have been grateful for the cooperation and understanding of our students, families, and staff. We all want things to "return to normal." With patience, kindness, and attention to the things we can do (e.g., face coverings, social distancing and hand-washing) there will be brighter days ahead. Please, stay safe and stay healthy.