Strategic Plan 2022

The Strategic Plan 2022 is grounded an overarching Theory of Action that clarifies our understanding and expectations, focus on our long-term goals, and move us from abstract ideas to concrete action plans: IF we focus our collective efforts on addressing the needs of the whole child, improving teaching and learning at all levels and strengthening our connections with community stakeholders, BY collaboratively developing a strategic plan that identifies our priorities, goals, initiatives and action steps, THEN we will see changes in district practices and procedures consistent with the aspirations for students detailed in our Vision of a Watertown Graduate.

Watertown's Strategic Plan 2020 is built upon three themes: Watertown Cares, Watertown Learns, and Watertown Leads, and articulates the Theories of Action, Priorities, Goals, Initiatives, and Action Steps that will achieve the district’s long-term vision while also ensuring the most effective allocation of the district’s resources.

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Components of Our Strategic Plan

Each of the Priorities are grounded in a Theory of Action aligned to specific areas of focus. Thinking through a Theory of Action allows us to more clearly see the chain of changes that will have to happen for the intervention to be successful. It is a set of underlying assumptions about how we will move our district from its current state to its desired future.

The Priorities are the broad focus areas that support the Theory of Action and will propel the district in achieving our goals. The six priorities are aligned to the Strategic Plan themes: Watertown Cares, Learns and Leads. The Goals are aligned to each of the Priorities and follow the SMART paradigm (Specific, Measurable, Aggressive yet Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound).