Grade Level & Special Area Resources for At Home Learning

Please note that these pages are currently under construction. Our staff members are working diligently to support our students and community!

Check your junk e-mail if you feel you should have received e-mail contact from a teacher or staff member and have not. We have found that some of our families are receiving e-mail in their junk folder.

Students in Grades 7-12 now have a school based e-mail account!

Their email username will be the same as their network username .... 20jsmith, 24eright, etc.

They login using their username .... 20jsmith, 24eright, etc. and then their same password as they

use for the network, Google & now email.

To access this e-mail go to: Http://

It may be helpful to bookmark this website to make it easier to check it regularly.

A student's email address will follow this pattern:

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Online Resources to Support At-Home Learning

Library Resources for PreK - 6

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