Who we are:

Welcome! We are the Watertown, MA Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC). A SEPAC is a district-level, parent-driven group that provides input to the school district on current successes and challenges in special education and related services.

We provide families and other community members with the following:

  • information about basic rights for families pertaining to special education

  • contact information for our school special education administrators and school committee members in Watertown

  • a space to discuss special education concerns and ask questions

  • access to local and state-level resources that can help answer more involved questions

  • community and support

Watertown SEPAC Mission:

To encourage honest and effective communication, understanding, and mutual respect in a supportive partnership inclusive of all students, caregivers, educators, and the community at large in an effort to ensure the delivery of appropriate services and supports to students with disabilities and special health care needs. We work directly with district administrators to address system-level challenges, facilitate family-district communication, and provide families with training and resources.

Watertown SEPAC Officers:

Heather McManus: Chair

Debi Cornelius: Co-Secretary

Michelle Zoberg: Co-Secretary

Jennifer Nicholson: Public Relations Officer

Rachel Kay: Training Coordinator

Cara Coller: Out-of-District Placement Liaison and Chair Emeritus

The Watertown School Committee Liaison to the SEPAC is Lily Rayman-Read (lily.raymanread@watertown.k12.ma.us)

Printable PDFs of Watertown SEPAC Brochure

SEPACbrochure 082422 English.pdf


SEPACbrochure 082422-1.Spanish.pdf


SEPACbrochure 082422-1.Portuguese.pdf


SEPACbrochure 082422-1.Pashto.pdf