Technology Integration

Waterloo Future Ready Technology Goals

Waterloo School District evaluated their models for technology integration and established a new set of goals for the upcoming school years.

Waterloo Future Ready Technology Goals

Chromebooks & iPads 1:1

Why give every student in grades 4K-12 a device?

Waterloo School District has been integrating technology into the classroom for years, from interactive whiteboards in nearly every classroom to carts of iPads and Chromebooks. More importantly, Waterloo has emphasized teacher professional development resources to support quality instructional strategies. Waterloo has recognized that technology use is an essential piece of developing college and career-ready students, and putting a piece of technology into the hands of every student in grades 4K-12 is a way to equalize access to learning opportunities.

Technology gives us the opportunity to differentiate the learning experience for each student in a motivating environment. We can teach students essential career skills like perseverance, collaboration, and organization using real-world context and scenarios, and students learn how to deal with having learning choices.

PBIS Resources

Chromebook Care - Video 1, Video 2

Never leave a Chromebook unattended.

Return unattended Chromebooks to the Office or LMC

Don't put pressure on a Chromebook.

Use only a microfiber cloth or a damp cloth to clean your Chromebook.

Chromebook Care - Video 3

Wrap your cord carefully, and store it in the case properly.

Always use your Chromebook case.

Always use the handle on your Chromebook case.

Chromebook Care - Video 4

Keep labels on Chromebook and on case.

Unplug cords by pulling the plug (not the cord).

Avoid eating or drinking by your Chromebook.

Offline Access Google Drive - Video 5

Work on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides without Internet access.

Saving Offline Google Doc English

Saving Offline Google Doc Spanish

Offline Saving Web Articles - Video 6