Welcome to SoundMojo!

SoundMojo is a new independent music label from WatchMojo .

Having successfully built WatchMojo into one of the most successful brands ever on YouTube, and produced one of the largest catalogs of biographies and profiles and top 10 lists, across genres, themes and eras, the time is right to focus our sights back onto music.

Our objective is to create a vehicle to promote musical artists throughout our network of channels on YouTube and across the internet.

SoundMojo can assist artists with recording, music video production, distribution, marketing, live events, all of which can be promoted to our global audience of 35 million subscribers, 150 million monthly viewers across our 30 international channels in every corner of the world!

Are YOU the next big music artist? Reach out to us at soundmojo@watchmojo.com or submit your information via the form above!