...Learning Events...

 Learning Events:

The district offers many learning events throughout the year.  Some learning events are specific to certain grade levels. These events are a great way for high ability students to excel in various subjects above and beyond school.  Information, dates, times, locations, and deadlines will be updated here for all learning events.  Also we will post pictures and winners after each event!   

Science (K-2)

1st Taylor Barker-LVES

2nd-Luis Ramirez-LGES

3rd-Linoln Rosenbaum-CVES

Science (3-5)

1st Hayden Graff-DVES

2nd Katie Monk-CVES

3rd Eric Slade-CVES

Overall Science Kenedy Bolke-BHES

Engineering (K-2)

1st Ammon Esplin-CVES

2nd Tike Cahoon-EES

3rd Lake VanGilder-RES

Engineering (3-5)

1st Ian Wright-HES

2nd Halle White-SCES

3rd Dallin Butler-CVES

Overall Engineering John Dover-SCES 

Congratulations to students that have qualified and been invited to the District Science & Engineering Fair!  Please make sure to be on time and ready to have fun! 

We are lucky enough to be able to have it at the Science and Technology Building at the college.  (SET building) 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the coordinator:


Spelling Bee Event

First Place:

Addilyn Reid (RES)

3rd place: Emily Basso (LRIS)

1st placeAddilyn Reid (RES)

2nd place: Vince Moline (TFES)

DistrictSpelling Bee-2023

Over 50 students participated this year from grades 3-8th!

Top spellers in the district!

Top spellers in the district!

Geography Bee Event

4th Grade

1st place tied: 

Maycee Rhodes & Nora Bailey

2nd place: Blake Nelson (Pic to come)

3rd place 

Dylan Labrum, & Lilly Davis, 

3rd place 

Zane Myers

5th Grade

1st place: Trent Burrell

2nd place: Isabel Flake

3rd place:Xander Ma 

5th Grade

3rd place tied: 

Alyssa Gomez

2022 Geography Bee

6th Grade

1st place:Ty Gubler

2nd place:Trent Snedegar

3rd place: Breckon Adams

7th Grade

1st place: Desmond Andersen

2nd: Vivian Hirschi

3rd place: Excelle Godwin Nollan

Storytelling Festival Event

 “Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released.”

― Robin Moore

District Storytelling Festival


Blake Nelson

 (picture to come)

3rd place 


      Diamond Valley Elementary

Liam Irvin

1st place Mystery/Adventure

Riverside Elementary 

Oliver Maxfield

3rd place

Fantasy/Fairy Tales

Brya Pulver

1st place  Humorous

Legacy Elementary

Katelyn McDonald

2nd place


Heritage Elementary

Maddie Walker

2nd place

Fantasy/Fairy Tales

South Mesa

Olivia Awerkamp

1st place   Humorous

Pieper Campbell

1st place   Humorous

Aisley Sandberg

3rd place Folk Tale/Tall Tale

McKayala Pratt

2nd place     Folk Tale/Tall Tale

Everett Lundgren

1st place     Folk Tale/Tall Tale

Grace Campbell

3rd place  Fantasy/Fairy Tales

Xander Osmond

1st place   Fantasy/Fairy Tales

Santa Clara Elementary

(Not in picture specific order)

Storytelling: grades 3rd-5th

Geography Bee: grades 4th-7th

History Day: grades 4th-12th

Spelling Bee: grades 3rd-8th

Science & Engineering Fair:

grades Kindergarten-5th

2021-2022 School year...

Learning Events

overall District Science & engineering Winners:

Carma Lang Award: Kennedy Phillips - Riverside

Max Rose Award: Sophia Lister - Sandstone

Jill Horne Award: Monson Callahan-Majestic Fields


K-1: 2nd-3rd: 4th-5th:

1st-William Shurtliff -Heritage 1st-Leo Hepworth - Diamond Valley 1st-Lemuel Fox - Hurricane

2nd- Garrett Benson-Crimson View 2nd-Avery Coulam - Sunset 2nd-Mckayla Graham - South Mesa

3rd-Violet Gibbons-Majestic Fields 3rd-Malia Wilkinson - Riverside 3rd-Mason Armour - Sunset


K-1 2nd-3rd: 4th-5th:

1st - Iley Yost - Heritage 1st - Vincent Dena - Washington. 1st - John Wright - Legacy

2nd - Blake Bennett - Sunset 2nd - McCoy Ficken - Heritage 2nd - Tyler Ford - Sunset

3rd - Kershaw Rindlisbacher - Crimson View 3rd - Landon Baker - Crimson View     3rd - Sylver Slade - Crimson View

Spelling Bee 

The regional spelling bee took place last month and it was impressive to say the least! These students had to spell words at random from hundreds of words.  plus we had students from many counties and districts.  

Congratulations to 

phoebe strobell 

for taking 1st place!!