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Welcome to the Warwick School District News Update Center for COVID-19.

Here you can find all the communication, information, schedule changes, plans and resources that were shared with our families since the start of the pandemic.

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COVID Case Dashboard:
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This Dashboard shows active cases shortly after they are added but removes case counts at midnight since that data is date-dependent. These are dynamic conditions, so the very nature of the Dashboard will have some degree of inaccuracy. The numbers represent students who are positive and contact traced through school. There are other students who are on quarantine not related to school activities, but they are not counted in our data. The Dashboard is intended for reasonably accurate information.

The following table provides guidance on building closures. This was sent in a family email on 9/24/2021.

Covid Case Count for Building Closure

Recent Communication from Warwick:

Family Letter - 10/8/2021