What is TBA?

Tiger Basketball Academy was created to provide a high level of exposure to players interested in one day becoming a Warsaw Tiger Basketball player. TBA embodies the spirit of the great tradition of Warsaw and "Tiger Basketball" with an emphasis on the importance of dedication, hard work and team play. Our unique academy style focus includes highly concentrated basketball camps that will place an emphasis on skill-set development and teaching our players how to have an impact on the game by playing hard, playing smart and playing together. 

Our desire in doing so is to help Warsaw remain as one of the elite programs in the state of Indiana. TBA is designed to allow future tigers the chance to learn at an accelerated rate from varsity head coach Matt Moore, the varsity coaching staff and players, on the proper way to compete and workout as an extension of our program. TBA will also offer camp scholarships for those student-athletes that embody great attitude and effort in the classroom.