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Sir Ken Robinson

What´s New? Go Guardian Resources

Go Guardian is a program you can use to manage the student Chromebooks while in your classroom. Have you logged in? For more info click here.

You can get MS Office 365 for free!! Click below.

Need something unblocked?

Here is the link for video and website approval requests:

Here is the link for app and extension approval requests:

Jeff Tron

(eLearning Coach)

Welcome to the teacher resource website. I created this site to be a tool for WCSC staff members. This site will have handouts, tutorials, and videos that will help you to implement the Chromebooks into your daily instruction.

My goal is to keep it current and loaded with ideas for implementing technology into your classroom.

If you are doing something awesome in your classroom, please let me know. If possible, I would like to visit, take photos, and share your success on the teacher spotlight page on this website.

Jeff's Weekly Schedule

Monday--Castle High School

Tuesday--Boonville High School

Wednesday--WEC (AM) Castle High School (PM)

Thursday--Tecumseh High School

Friday--Castle High School

Chromebook Insurance

Please encourage students to get the Chromebook insurance. I can't push this enough. For only $20, most everything is covered, if it is damaged, lost, or stolen. The link is on the WCSC website on the Technology tab and I have copied it to this link as well:

The Chromebook and Going 1:1 Video by Dr. Lambert (This can be shown to new students that come to WCSC during the school year)

The WCSC Chromebook Agreement Form (Print this for new students that move to WCSC after Chromebook distribution)

Warrick County School Corporation Chromebook Agreement with parents and student pledge