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Are you bummed that Jamboard is going away?  Never fear FigJam is here!!

Check out this article from Shake Up Learning that will hopefully brighten your day:  Click Here

Hey Math Teachers!!

If you are a math teacher, you may want to check out this site. It is called Polypad by Mathigon. It has some great manipulatives for even Algebra and Geometry.  Here is the link below:


Many of you have new Pro Boards in your rooms. Below are a couple of videos that Jeff Tron created that covers many of the features on the new boards. (created 8/4/2023)

**I recently added a video below. You can now use Active Inspire with your new Proboards without buying any extra cables using the Screenshare program. This would also allow you to use your document camera hooked up to your desktop just like it was before you got your new board. It isn't necessary to hook the camera straight to the board. (added 8/29/2023)

One thing that needs to be added: For desktop computers, you need to download and install the Promethean Screenshare Program and not use the extension in Chrome. The Chrome extension works great with the Chromebooks, but for desktops download and install the program using this link:

If you are having issues with the desktop computers connecting, updates may be required. Put in a tech work order to get that taken care of.

Retiring or leaving the WCSC?  Remember to transfer ownership of items in your Google Drive that are shared with others.  See the document below for a quick step by step tutorial.

Transferring Ownership

Cheat Sheets for Synergy and Google Classroom Syncing (and settings)

How to Have Synergy Create Google Classes.pdf
Google Sync Settings in Synergy.pdf

*Look* Looking for some free professional development or tips and tricks on everything Google?  I highly recommend Kasey Bell! She has a new Podcast every Tuesday.  You can find them here, as well as, previous lessons.  She is great!!!  Here is the link to Kasey's podcast:


Blended Learning Podcast

(FREE) Blended Learning with Google Toolkit© by Kasey Bell.pdf

Blended Learning Toolkit (this accompanies the podcast)


Kasey's Podcast: Must Have Google Skills Part 1 (Chrome)


Kasey's Podcast: Must Have Google Skills Part 2  (Classroom)


Kasey's Podcast: Must Have Google Skills Part 3 (Drive)


Kasey's Podcast: Must Have Google Skills Part 4 (Docs and Slides)

Feel free to download and share the Google Classroom help sheets below for teachers, students, and parents.

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Teachers by Shake Up Learning.pdf

GC Cheat Sheet for Teachers

Google Classroom Cheat Sheet for Students by Shake Up Learning.pdf

GC Cheat Sheet for Students

2020 Parents' Guide to Google Classroom.pdf

GC Guide for Parents

*NEW*   Teacher Spotlight!!  Click here to go to our Teacher Spotlight page!!!

Instructions for Google Classes and the New Semester.  

Note: If you do not Sync Google With Synergy, Please Disregard.

Do you want new classrooms?  

Do you want to continue using your current classrooms?

Preparing New Google Classrooms for SEM 2
Continue using Your current Google Classroom for SEM 2

Professional Learning Tutorials

Professional Learning PD (teacher)

Meet Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms is a new feature in Google Meet that allows you to take your Meet participants and split them up into smaller Meets where they can work on group projects, have small group discussions, etc...

The WCSC December 2020 Newsletter has an article with screenshots and video tutorial links.  Here is the link to the newsletter:

Did you know that you can get MS Office 365 for free!! Click below.

Technology Workorders!!

When you need something opened for student Chromebooks such as websites, youtube videos, Google extensions, apps, etc... please use the work order program.  Here is the link:  To log-in, you will use your credentials that are used to sign on to your desktop computer.  It is NOT your email/Google log-in.

Did you know that our WCSC Chromebooks have a built-in screen reader for our students?  Below is link to a brief video that shows how to activate and use it:

Jeff Tron 

(eLearning Coach/Technology Trainer)

Welcome to the teacher resource website.  I created this site to be a tool for WCSC staff members.  This site will have handouts, tutorials, and videos that will help you to implement the Chromebooks into your daily instruction.

My goal is to keep it current and loaded with ideas for implementing technology into your classroom.  

If you are doing something awesome in your classroom, please let me know. If possible, I would like to visit, take photos, and share your success on the teacher spotlight page on this website.

Jeff's Weekly  Schedule






Chromebook Insurance

Please encourage students to get the Chromebook insurance. I can't push this enough. For only $20, most everything is covered, if it is damaged, lost, or stolen. The link is on the WCSC website on the Technology tab and I have copied it to this link as well: