Mission: Possible

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to solve the following mystery: Which district staff member took an important device that another staff member needs TODAY and where did they put it? As you earn vouchers by completing missions you will also be earning clues to help you solve this mystery. Be the first to solve this mystery and earn a special reward!

Game Rules - There will be one staff member, one tech item, and one room placed in the “Case File Confidential.” When you earn your first voucher* you will receive your hand of five cards and your detective notebook sheet. Every additional voucher you earn will get you a card and a roll of the die to move your playing piece on the gameboard at the Tech Center. To make an educated guess, your gamepiece must be in the room you wish to use in your proposed solution. If you're wrong you will be given one card to prove that. If you wish to try to win and are ready to make a full accusation you may do so in any room. If you are wrong, you will only be told you are wrong. You may make only one accusation in a room during your turn. You must leave the room and return to make another guess. The first player to correctly identify all three components will be hailed as the greatest detective and will receive the accolades of their peers as well as a special reward.

*To earn one voucher complete three Beginner missions, two Leader missions, one Pro mission, and/or one Creator badge.

Creator Badge

If you feel you know an app, program, or tech tool very well and could create a mission for other teachers to learn from, you can go for a Creator Badge. To earn this badge you must create an introduction video that shows what the tool is and how to use the tool including tips and tricks that will help the beginner user. You will also need to create a 10 question quiz that clearly shows the participant has watched the video and learned from their time spent. You may wish to create a couple of videos instead of one long one. The videos should be 20 to 30 minutes total time. If you have any questions please contact Moe or Russell and we will gladly answer your questions. Once submitted we will review and if necessary notify you of any changes needed before the badge will be awarded.

The purpose of this site is to provide Warrensburg teachers and staff a new way to receive Professional Development and to celebrate their achievements of implementing these new strategies within their classrooms or group settings. Upon completion of a mission you will earn a badge. We want you to proudly display your new badge outside your classroom next to your door. Don't forget to share your achievements using #WsbgTechPD on Twitter! Click in the Destinations area above to see the different badges available in those categories. We will be adding missions throughout the year, so check back often to see what you might be interested in learning about from the technology department.

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Congratulations Tracy Sachs on being our first Clue Champion. Way to go!

The culprit in our first game was Mr. Sproat who took the projector from the WACC Cosmetology Center.