Golden Apple

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You will be able to nominate anytime during the school year.  Recognitions will follow the nomination schedule.

Please submit your Nominations HERE.

About the Program 

The Golden Apple Awards Program is a Warren County Public Schools staff recognition program. Each month, four WCPS employees are recognized for their exemplary service to the district and its students. The monthly awards are given to those who go above and beyond their normal job requirements, demonstrate Service Excellence, and embody the values of the district by ensuring safety, achievement, and opportunity for every student. These awards are for those employees who practice an on-going and high level of commitment to their job, their district, their students, and their fellow employees. 

Each month, both teachers and support personnel will be recognized according to an established schedule. Any employee of Warren County Public Schools can make nominations using the Golden Apple nomination form.  

The Awards

Winners of the WCPS Golden Apple Awards receive a unique, handmade award created by glass artist William VanTassel. See photos below. 

About the Artist 

William VanTassel began working with hot glass at the Indianapolis Art Center in 2002. He also studied at the Plum Creek Glass Studio in Kent, Ohio.  In 2007 Bill relocated to Aberdeen, Kentucky in Butler County where he started Evolution Glassworks. He recently built a new studio in Greene County, Indiana. Bill has glass art exhibited in galleries and gift shops in Nashville, Southern Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  Visit: