About Us

WarFighters Motorcycle Club

WarFighters Motorcycle Club (WFMC) is an all-veterans Motorcycle Club (MC) whose members are comprised of United States (US) military veterans from all services and from all eras who want to actively support US military veterans with the issues they face. WFMC is an IRS 501(c) (19) not-for-profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Our club’s name and distinctive patches are trademark protected. The WarFighters name was chosen to welcome veterans from all services but having served as a combat veteran or having served during war time are not a requirements to be a member. Members are simply honorably discharged from- or currently serving in the US Armed forces.

Each year WFMC puts forth and supports a variety of efforts in support of veterans in many geographic areas across the US and abroad (i.e., where service members are stationed) solely or with others. Examples include local fundraising to help veterans directly and supporting other organizations of similar values and objectives in support of the same or similar mission.

Additional Background—

WFMC is not aligned with nor does it answer to any other motorcycle club, entity, or organization, however we will respect those that extend a genuine hand of friendship. We are a nationally oriented motorcycle club that does not claim any territorial boundaries, but we have established chapters with members who reside for periods outside of the US (i.e., deployments - technically making us an international club). Our club does not provide for the personal financial livelihood of our members nor do our members profit from club activities. Members themselves personally provide financial and material donations and selflessly volunteer their own time in support of our mission to support veterans. The club does not actively recruit members but will consider those who express an interest in potentially getting involved.

Our club colors are red, white, and blue, just like the national flag of the United States of America. The pentagon shaped center patch is a symbol representing the US Military. The skull with two crossed rifles, one an early model M-16 and the other a M-4 variant symbolizes the connection of veterans from one generation to another. The roman numeral date of VII / XVII / MMX represents July 17, 2010, the date on which our club was established. The two-digit alpha-numeric designator of "1A" represents all members classified as healthy and able-bodied to serve in the US Armed forces.

To find out how to donate, or for additional information about us or to find a chapter near you, please look us up on social media, or reach out via email to:

info [AT] warfightersmc [DOT] com.