Wareham Public Schools


Vision of the District (WPS 2026) is the Vision of a WPS Graduate

Wareham Public Schools promises to provide opportunities for all to discover the greatest versions of themselves by acquiring knowledge, wisdom, and skills to

explore, formulate, realize and reflect.

We will think critically, communicate, and persevere.

With tenacity and trust, we will continue to learn all that is essential to live our best lives

and positively impact the community and the world.

Expectations for Remote Learning

It is important that we continue to respect the privacy and intellectual property rights of our school community – our teachers and our students. By participating in remote learning today, you agree that you may not save, record, share, or post this session or any photos from this session. All school rules apply to this remote classroom experience. Students must treat each other with respect during our time together and must obey school rules.

Students and or family members/others interrupting the classroom setting will be promptly contacted by school administration.

Our Future Begins Here