Social Studies

Upper School

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Social Studies

Students in grades 5th-8th will develop a deeper understanding of our past and how it impacts our present. They will use that knowledge to make decisions that could influence our future. They will work in groups, develop independence, utilize technology and research to reach their goal - To be thinkers, analyzers, and leaders!

Nikki Ames

This is my 20th year teaching. I have taught every grade 1st-8th; as well as been a school-wide librarian. I have a Master's Degree in Library Science and am National Board Certified in Literacy. I absolutely love teaching and learning with our students! I just moved to Gloucester from Olympia, Washington and am already loving it here. My husband Rob is a project manager in town and I brought both of my daughters - Sammie, 11 and Piper, 9 to Ware - we are excited to be Waves! Learning will be engaging, rigorous and memorable in Social Studies.


Below are links you may use to enhance your Social Studies learning! These will be updated as the year progresses.

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