Mr. Gardiner's Technology Class

4th Grade students are learning to build mechanical processors using Turing Tumble.

Technology Class

Technology at Ware Academy is implemented into many areas of each student's curriculum. It provides each student with the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful throughout school and beyond. In technology class, students begin with basic keyboard and mouse skills in Kindergarten until they find themselves studying and utilizing audio / video production, 3D modeling and animation, and programming in the Middle School. Each year students continually build upon the previous year's knowledge in order to push their own abilities and truly take advantage of what these amazing tools can offer.

Expanding Our Knowledge

This year, students in the 8th grade have begun studying physical science through 3D modeling and animation using Blender, a free open-source application. Students are studying "Rigid Body Animations" by creating physical simulations like the one to the right.

Subjects of Noteworthiness

This year students will focus their studies on many subjects. This is a short list of just some of those topics...

  • Personal Information Security and Safety (3rd Grade)

  • Number Systems, Binary and Circuit Logic (4th Grade)

  • Website design and coding (5th Grade)

  • Image Editing (6th Grade)

  • Audio / Video Production (7th Grade)

  • 3D Modeling and Animation (8th Grade)

Questions or Comments

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~Mr. Technolo-G