Mission Statement

Inspire Achieve Innovate

Our Wandell School mission is to create a safe, nurturing and challenging personalized learning experience that fosters innovation, creativity and knowledge to inspire the highest level of student academic achievement and empower lifelong learners.

We believe in a shared responsibility between teachers, students and parents. Since its founding over 100 years ago, the collaboration between school, family and community has been instrumental in preparing students to become independent thinkers, effective problem solvers and socially responsible next generation leaders. Additionally, we are committed to collaborating with our receiving districts in order to ensure a K-12 comprehensive education.

About Us

Wandell is a small, public school serving students in preschool through grade 5. After commencement, students attend Eric S. Smith Middle School, in Ramsey, NJ. Upon 8th grade promotion, students have two options for high schools: Ramsey High School or Northern Highlands Regional.

Wandell School strives for personalized instruction focused on innovation and advanced learning approaches based on student ability and aptitude, while giving children a foundation of support and confidence so they are ready to move onto middle school. All stakeholders are active members of the educational experience. We are one, big family inspiring academic excellence, character development and social and emotional growth.

The school district budget supports all initiatives in conjunction with the Borough of Saddle River, Education Foundation, Parent Organization and the Recreation Committee. Each representative contributes additional funding and value to the educational experience, such as facility improvements, advanced technology, curriculum improvements, social/emotional learning and extra-curricular activities.