The Wandell School Family designs and promotes the kind of well-organized learning community that provides significant learning opportunities for its students to become productive, effective members of society. In an atmosphere of collaboration and mutual respect, our school stakeholders have joined forces to insure that students grow and mature under our umbrella of three learning objectives: academic excellence, personal self-development, and a sense of social responsibility for children to actively support humanitarian efforts. All of our shared decisions, responsibilities, and actions generate from these internalized goals.

The mission of the Saddle River School District is to educate our students to become independent thinkers and problem solvers so they will achieve success and become empowered to meet the challenges of tomorrow's emerging world community. Standards for effective learning encompass the knowledge, problem solving abilities, and attitudes that students need for a lifetime of productive citizenship. A combination of Wandell stakeholders are dedicated to providing quality teaching and educational opportunities, tools, and skills, aligned to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards in order that our students can achieve success and individual growth now and in the future. The school community believes that the quest for educational experience is a shared responsibility based on collaboration and mutual respect. Efforts and energies are linked to provide a diverse student population with a quality education that stresses academic excellence, personal self-development and consciousness of the world community.

With the encouragement, assistance, and consent of students, staff, and parents, the goals and initiatives have been established to support this mission. As a result of the efforts of continuous partnerships with parents and community, students at Wandell School will achieve optimum academic potential. Students will show evidence of social responsibility and a positive sense of self-worth, which is nurtured by a school climate that exudes encouragement, support, and validation. The learning styles of Wandell School students will be addressed within a professional culture. Outstanding results on standardized and statewide tests, as well as other student assessments, are the norm at Wandell and have served not only to confirm our successes but also to motivate our school partners to participate in new initiatives that are continuously aimed at fostering school improvement.

Collaborative initiatives, such as the outdoor living science habitat, give our pupils the opportunity to become active learning participants as they research and investigate their own environment. Wandell's expansion enabled the district to open an integrated pre-K. In addition to a vocal music program, the district offers instrumental lessons to students in grades three, four, and five. We are augmenting our gifted and talented program by including a supervised instruction and mentoring program for advanced students through regular classroom teacher instructions and lessons. After-school activities involving chess tutorials, as well as sports activities such as soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball and softball, support the development of well-rounded Wandell students.

Finally, our schools educational family believes the quest for excellence is a shared responsibility based on collaboration and mutual respect. Powerful working partnerships have been forged with PAWS, the Wandell Education Foundation, Wandell Recreation, and the Borough of Saddle River to continue our pursuit of school reforms, improvements, and enhancements. These organizations have a significant positive impact on the effectiveness and quality of our school initiatives and interventions. Combined with a concerned, experienced, and highly capable staff of professionals, students are provided with quality learning experiences and opportunities each and every day. Designated staff development training days and visitations to observe meaningful educational programs at other schools, as well as professional conferences, are activities deeply rooted with the Wandell culture. Alliances with colleges and universities validate Wandell as a learning laboratory for quality teaching. Wandell is fortunate to have this core of stakeholders and dedicated Board of Education members who are committed to providing an ever-increasing range of educational experiences and opportunities for our students.

Wandell features...

· Small classes, averaging 11 to 18 students per classroom

· Individualized instruction

· A balanced, experienced, and dedicated staff

· Child Study Team

· An Enrichment program for all pupils

· A State of the Art Computer Lab and Innovation Station

· Large gymnasium, outdoor basketball courts and beautiful playing fields

· Instructional Music Program

· Field trips

· An active and supportive parent group called PAWS (Parents Association of Wandell)

· The Wandell School Education Foundation that sponsors fund-raising activities to enrich the student academic program.