Physical Education 

and Health

Hello and welcome to Coach Verdi's Physical Education page!  I'm really looking forward to this school year and on this page you can see information about the PE program, rules for the gym, information on grades and if you have any questions please email me at Thanks.

-Coach V

                      PE Checklist

Please make sure students bring the following items on days they are scheduled to have PE:

-Their own personal water bottle with their name on it.

-Rubber soled sneakers with ankle support.  No sandals, boots, heels, etc......

-Jacket or sweatshirt because we will be going outside often (weather permitting)


-For students who wear earrings, please remove them at home on gym days or have a container in your desk/locker to leave them in during PE.  Students should be able to maintain any peircings themselves as staff are not allowed to remove or reinsert. Covering piercings is not an acceptable alternative. Please have any new peircings done at the beginning of summer so as to provide sufficient time to heal before school starts.  Students cannot participate in PE with any piercings that hang from the ears as it creates an increased safety risk for themselves and other students, only studs if absolutely necessary.

Thank You

             Coach Verdi

                       Extra help

If you are interested in individual extra help, I am available after school on Mondays & Wednesdays from 7:25-7:55 AM.  Please email me at in advance to make an appointment. Please include what skill(s) or topic(s) you would like help with. Thank you.

                                                      Coach Verdi's office line 201-327-0727 x290