Wandell Enrichment Program

The Wandell School Enrichment Program supports the educational philosophy that every child has special talents and gifts. Wandell’s Enrichment Program incorporates a wide variety of higher-level educational experiences, opportunities, and resources. The New Jersey Administrative Code and the Gifted Program Standards of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Guide Program Development and Curriculum.

All K-5 classes participate in our whole-class Enrichment Program once a week. Enrichment classes offer engaging and creative experiences to help enhance each child’s learning. There will be a special focus on higher-level and critical thinking skills, creativity, problem-based learning opportunities, and lessons that incorporate various learning modalities.

In addition to weekly whole-class Enrichment lessons, small-group instruction will be offered to identified gifted and talented students as defined by policy. As required, multiple measures are used to identify student eligibility for inclusion. The multiple assessments used for student identification are, but not limited to, CSI scores, standardized test scores, group ability tests, report card grades, and teacher, student, and parent nomination/recommendation. Parents are invited to participate in the decision process of their child's acceptance and have the right to appeal a decision of non participation.

Please contact Mrs. English at extension 238 for additional information and resources.

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