In this consulting project, all the departments that are responsible for the good quality of reproduction of the newspaper will be examined and any weak points in any of the departments will be identified. Then, improvements and recommendations will be done to standardise the production in accordance to international standards (ISO 12647-3).

The project can be done in all the printing locations to achieve company-wide quality standardisation and it will be achieved through

  • Identifying problem areas in each department – Advertisement processing, image processing, page making, CTP and Press
  • Communicating the best practices to each department
  • Training the staff on best practices and standards
  • Implementing color management in pre-press
  • Modifying the existing workflow to achieve best results
  • Printing the WAN-IFRA test formes and analysing the result
  • A detailed report explaining the findings

Training on the following topics will be achieved during the project

  • Colour management essentials in pre-press
  • Image adjustments and color separation
  • CTP exposure standardisation and linearization
  • Introduction to ISO 12647-3 standard
  • Dot gain analysis in the press and RIP calibration
  • Standardisation of newsprint and newsink