Benchmarking Newspaper Production KPI's

In 2016, WAN-IFRA did a benchmarking project on assessment of environmental KPI‘s (e-KPI) for newspaper production, where a total of 14 KPI‘s were benchmarked . The project covered KPIs from environmental and production metrices. Altogether a total of 31 printing plants from India had participated in the project. This project was done under strict non- disclosure agreement to ensure the security and privacy of data & reports of the participants.

In continuation of the previous benchmarking project, this financial year WAN-IFRA propose an extension project “Benchmarking Newspaper Production KPI“ and will focus solely on newspaper production KPI‘s . In the extension project of benchmarking we added updated KPI‘s and international metrics for measurement and analysis of KPI‘s.

WAN-IFRA’S Bench marking project will give the following advantages.

    • Benchmarking is based on consumption of resources and hence could give a clear picture of over utilisation or waste.
    • It measures limited number of KPI‘s only- Easy to measure
    • Only most important production KPI‘s are measured to have a clear direction on product cost.
    • Easy access to data. SAP system could provide data for most KPI.

15 KPI for newspaper production printing plants, these are updated KPI from phase-1 project. Included new KPI's like Capacity utilisation, OEE, Inventory ration, Renewable energy efficiency, Direct variable consumables efficiency, Downtime and print finish.

    1. Capacity utilization:
    2. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
    3. Inventory turn of Machine spares
    4. Renewable energy utilization
    5. Energy efficiency
    6. Newsprint waste
    7. Printed waste efficiency
    8. Ink Mileage
    9. Direct variable Consumables efficiency
    10. Newsprint Stock effectiveness:
    11. Downtime
    12. Web break frequency
    13. Print finish
    14. Manpower efficiency
    15. Water efficiency