WPS Digital Learning Badges

Because who doesn’t love stickers?

Here’s how to participate and earn your Digital Learning Badges:

Visit the Google Classroom for any badges you would like to earn. Instructions for joining the Google Classrooms are below.

Spend about two hours navigating the videos, discussion forums, and completing the final task in Google Classroom. It’s ok if you need to step away: a module doesn’t need to be completed in one sitting!

When you submit your final assignment, wait about a week and your badge will come to your mailbox.

Complete five modules to earn badges and 10 PDPs!

Display your badges prominently in your classroom or office to let everyone know you’re Tech Ready!

How to Complete the Modules:

  1. Make sure you are logged into your WPS Google Account.
  2. Go to classroom.google.com. Click on the little plus sign in the upper right corner and choose “join class.” (see pic)
  3. Enter the code for the Google Classroom for the badge you want to earn. Codes are listed below.
  4. Complete all components of the module and, when you feel ready, complete the final assignment. The final assignments are competency-based and require you to complete tasks covered in the module, then prove that you have completed the tasks through images and/or written reflection.

Classroom Codes

GMail: 7buvrg

Google Calendar: hat86tv

Google Drive: tlihrz

Google Classroom: 8xk2347

Google Read&Write: qhjejkv

Google Sites: i39hp1k

NEW! Basic Google Forms: ykzcfj

NEW! E-Books: b3qx44

NEW! Digital Safety, Privacy, Ethics for Teachers: vi27y3

NEW! Elementary Research Databases: 9e2fqb

Also: the MCAS Proctor Badge: npztsm

(proctor badge does not count towards PDPs)

Want to Earn PDPs?

Earn five badges to earn 10 PDPs! Announcements will be made as new badges are made available.

Contact: Dr. Liz Homan, Administrator of EdTech Integration, Waltham Public Schools

elizabethhoman@walthampublicschools.org / 781-314-5477