Walpole Public Schools

Branding Style Guide

Classic But Contemporary

Walpole Public Schools represent the best blend of classic and contemporary education. A strong foundation in STEM and liberal arts is accompanied by modern technology, compassionate social-emotional learning, and a commitment to a diverse and equitable environment. The WPS brand represents a similar blend, with a classic but contemporary style incorporating strong but recognizable colors and logos.

This style guide is designed to assist WPS staff in creating consistent, recognizable branding in official documents, communications, and presentations. The design decisions represented here reflect a balance between the desire for a distinctive voice and character and the necessity for universal, easily replicated design elements.


The guidelines in this document are intended for public-facing communications that represent the school district. This can include email messages, social media posts, slide decks, paper publications, and other media. However, while the information and resources may be useful, there is no expectation that teachers should conform to these guidelines in student handouts, parent newsletters, etc. This branding is for district-level (and some school-level) communications.